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Scripterz rudating scripts

Even if the response is a simple 304 Not Modified with no response body, the time it takes to complete that roundtrip impacts the user experience.

That impact varies depending on whether the bootstrap script is loaded in the normal way vs. Loading scripts the “normal way” means using HTML: .

Setting long cache times and revving the URL is a common solution for websites focused on performance.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible when it comes to 3rd party snippets.

Scripts loaded this way have several negative impacts: they block all subsequent DOM elements from rendering, and in older browsers they block subsequent resources from being downloaded.

These negative impacts also happen when the browser makes a Conditional GET request for a bootstrap script with a short cache time.

Stoyan and I were discussing this and wondered if there was a way to have longer cache times update resources when necessary. Caching is an important best practice for making websites load faster.

Users who have the old version in their cache won’t get the new version until the resource expires, meaning it would take 1 year to update all users.

This is disconcerting to users because they see these async widgets popping up in the page after the surrounding content has already rendered.

Increasing the bootstrap script’s cache time reduces the number of Conditional GET requests which in turn avoids these negative impacts on the user experience.

La seguridad no es solo una aplicación de un nuevo programa capaz de protegernos, es más bien un cambio de conducta y de pensar.

Hay que adueñarse del concepto seguridad e incluso volverse algo paranoico para que en cada labor que se desempeñe, se piense en seguridad y en cómo incrementarla.

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update notification: Here we make the assumption that the snippet is making some subsequent request to the 3rd party server for dynamic data, to send a beacon, etc. In the case of the Tweet Button, there are four requests to the server: one for an iframe HTML document, one for JSON containing the tweet count, and two 1×1 image beacons (presumably for logging).

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