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IZ Attttndia nemitly had a Freddent P*rk and hii wife. The doc ton croniuderrd it ideal and appftjved a manage irtflre or l«i on the prei.4utii scale. of co^irse, an nlremely wcalihy wnman, altlmiu^ her twu newspapers fetched little. Icmg^ previ- Oii^ly rie»ted in randy soil ar let dif£;ct Into (he ga^en if ihv loil is ol a reas Dimbly lii^t njiture- Fliwcrji are at their bejt when gr^^wn in ful J sun. Unfortunately^ will not &tand Ifeflvy fjrost M^fguerhe S], or tree chryxanthentumf. Vhsy ,^ wrinkled, lage- greeii fo Uage, massed with spike* of violet-blue flower* in ipii Dg or early tumnmcr. She htvkc with a fat ccipy of **Bihli* ography of the World's Mumcipiil Literature," an odd choice for a poetically minded 13-ycar-old, Ilii aunt's reason finally rrimibled in when she broke ofi an editoii^ for the '*Observer** halfvi'tty ihruugh the second pam* graph wiih a pathetic "to lie continued in our next/' Soon afterwanj she wa? qonen of Lun- acy, She wui not violent and would be able to end her dayi happily, imder mt^r* ^wo women ciurned her devntedly at Tunbridge Wells, in an im^Kising man- sioit originally buill, it was said, t«r Judge Jeffrey^. H 20-30, W 40, Lon^' flowering daices that ^tifw well in mont lol Li. He hai two iide.x that Masiey was his grdson and had appeared in Cowards 1942 movie "In Which Wc Serve" as one ot hk children. SIX years ago a cult swcpf Australia, ll brought with it new jargon for the teenagers' a Jrcady rc^'oiutiooary vucabulary — 'Words such as "gas/' "kingr "noah;* "grtuilin/' and "fcri Jin/' New ligjii appeared oo beaches iliawing mrrictcd arcaj for the cull, Sop^s and dances wrre dcdicaicd to it. Bring lo bod, ^iriingf; boll I mimite, sitrrmf; con- suin Ely. Tot the 5ljnc£]gtb of this type of fasteiuiig before deciding, pntferably when the soil is mn J^t a Jtcr rain. An ideal feature plant to drape over rocky bank or behind pool. "^Later, 1 ea Ucd tn Mae in Ho Uywood to make arnuigempnts for the ^low. "She stiti 1jv« in the lame apajtmcnt she had 3t the height of ber career and the door wai opened by a 45- year-old musdeman who looked me over befoie I was admiited- "^Tht; apartment Iim m Oex of deep piie while carpet, white fumiture^ gilt orna- menti. 'i wms to struck with it^ 1 decided we awtdn'i just fnllow TV style and have Mae om a stool talking^ We had to produce her, white cia rpet and al L "'When I lold her, ihe was vtrv piea*^ She if such a prof^siointi, she innsted on coming to the studio to sec that the icl reflected her way of life, ^Mae is a real production. Her success wasn't an aceidc At,, she really wnrked at it."* Mr^ Wise, 34^ is a pleaisant, c^uietly spoken American. Sha's been seeking sponsorsthp to com- pei G in the 1B6& internetionat chffni' pionshps overseas. BJend ctm^rd p^iii-dct^ wlih a Utile of the mtlk^ add remaindir of mi Ek and mgar. Jd hy Btou( stakes, Ttcj Ec may be seturcd hy dovuig ihr Vn sboiit sl font mtd Lhr ground ai the ba5«^ of ihe hatik, then balding^ them at the top by a xitrnt wirr„ fixed ta a peg a few feet beyood ilic top. In other cases, the itccti Df may be secured by I2in. meeal pin^ made frqm p E«:es raf Jki, rdinforcc- ment txd, or by £tout hardwood stakes, with a notrh or trail near thm top to catch the wire. H IS, W 30, Att^af £ive, dense, ahomt fern- Itlic^ prc^tjqle growth, with safi appear- ;uice. Major Esierhfliy, who.«e evidence had convinced the Jewi Oi (tffjcer^ Dreyfm^ of ireaflon ^nd condemned him to life imprisoftmrnt on Devil '1 isjaad^ now admitted fc^rging the dorunient setting out the «crets Hheyfui wm siippoiied 10 have jjpicd ou^ for Germ liny. Quite apart from her natural tt- acdon to anti-iemitinitn, Rache Fs tympatbiej were en- gaged by Mty cmelty and injustice.

Rjirhd inter- viewed the major ftr the *'Obsi;rvcr,'' in 1 and ber ban'tling of the confe Mion earned her an honored place ha j uu mallei ic history. I do rentinber that she was delighted with the re- $iil E& As I feel that mv hair could do wi th a I iftdit^onirvg and heaiitilymg your hair. Bui 1 wai on dutv at 6,30 hcki mo mine in a fresh, starched tmiform, ready lo bf shown how tn dre^^ Mr^ William;^ Mra. Tweuty-sev^n Trcars previously ^e had been given the choice of undcr- fl Ding an operation widi a 50-50 chance of ! Table* stood under the bed, their iopu;^ht of u bdeicribahly depressing. The old ladies were gazi Eig out frum their vantag^e poi At on the b^£ony when Grandma decided lo ^ an her inive U. T«t Atnmuujju* Wok^h's Weesit - October 16, 19fi8 Tbc pwt rni»i bf tre Pew ni National Library of Australia ... some speci Al oc- casino pop$ up and Ifiare's no ti nte to ma he a n app d i nt ment . I know it was made by Poly and contained special hefbs and eondiiiitn- m but 1 can't remember tbe Mine. ;gered home^ my nose full of flufl from the cottonwnol T my feet achuig^ con- vturcd 1 would never be able to go fjark. A wontan of immen^ murage and charact CT, ihe chose the oiteratiun^ Il fiiiled. Boards pirmcil with black clolh were bvisldy and dtilfully painted with eatntic orchids, parrot.^, and budget igara^, ready to bit made by a fritmj into idioe-bagri and cushioii covers. ijuidoii OQk^ Mil- bauke Houie, KH New fkiud Street, tendon WI, Telei 4M-722I, , . You cm obtain bo Ui nl these pf Ddiicrs 3t your pliarinairv or depaitngeiit slors (L Diiit A olien I have oiy hair set at the hniid Tesser, But SDineljinfls. For those special octia^rnns (or indfied lor ev^ryilay setting j there's na thing better than Poly Set Hair Setting Lotion. A friend of miiw told ne about a wandertul shampoo she'd used. f T^eans everything for your hair At phafmacies anil Mieclfld Department Sttit«& National Library of Australia 90 NEEDLEWORK NOTIONS Cm^ ibvui IM An Ufe Me cut oui; Id im«« in cntiffe/whttf/falmelt. While the other nuises' fingers flew in die manufacliur of these artkk^ f s^tniggled on^ my swabs beroming mort gmbhy uul my dressing;, towels more CTca$«4 I sta(! Using the litde power 5he had in her amii, she took up handcrafts, and her tiny room wai filled vritb proo E of her auecess. Men's-wear Spons Shirt and Shorts Departments, Broadway. S14)19L (All above ^e nietn- btriof A, FTJ^.j New Zealand: Ruiisetl & Sumer^ Umlt Kl, 83 Cujitouks Street iv ASt^ Auckland CL Tele, J61-€e O. j; My hair is a dead dull brown 9S yait can s«e by the sample I liav« encrlo5«j! Then I wi^utd rti CQrnniend thaf yoj JS& Polycolof Cre^Fn Stiampo D ^D. a tme br Dwn mhkh will fr»sh«D up your natural shade beaittttully and make il cafue alive. ieta H^m ynu complete control U s au^ilahle in two sizes — hial or regular, so ask Poly Set next time yau visit your pharmscy or department sl^is. She bad had only live ddldren^ the laid, but her Mfitcr had 13. h W31I then transformed into iwabs, pvah siirkft, and drefaing pads^ wb Hr dresjiing towe U ami draw sheets had to he folded iti just such a way and no olhet. Paralysed ftom the neck tlown, she tonk up ihe challenge. and ftoselands,) Tilt Auvnufj An \Vi JM*w'i Ww Ki^T-Oirtfila^r TOS National Library of Australia For holidays in the SUN For him: Printed cotion terry shorf$ fblug.

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'i h'ai 90 fcmek with Mae awi her mefnories (hat 1 By Nan Miisgrme plan to make a TV ihow about her. Turn into basin i leat furthrr S minule$, ndd ^'anilla. VANILLA CUSTARD ICE-CREAM 2 tups miik j cup sngar 1 teaspoon gelaiinc 2 cggs^ leparaud 2 la We^pooni hoi water I teaspoon hutler 1 dcssertsptxin cnst^rd 1 teaspoon %'anilbt poiwdcr Dissdhe gehuine in hot water. soil that is jusl i^aist can he iprcad or patted on to the bank, cmvtr^d with a thin layer of straw, then the- netcitig iprcad and h*!

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