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Online dating body types

Most importantly, they do not test racial–ethnic and gender body type preferences of daters in an actual setting.In contrast, our study provides a rare opportunity to examine people’s stated preferences in a real-life situation.

The first model examines the effect of race–ethnicity and gender on the likelihood a dater indicates specific preferences for a date’s body type.

We also control for dater selectivity by measuring the number of specific preferences a dater makes.

It is important to control for general selectivity because body type preference could be indicative of a picky personality rather than a strong preference or concern specifically for potential dates’ body types.

Some studies suggest that culture plays a significant role in body type preferences with African Americans and Latinos more accepting of heavier body types than whites (e.g.

Crandall and Martinez ), and this may account for the differences in their findings.

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Compatible with previous research showing non-whites have greater body satisfaction and are less influenced by mainstream media than whites, our findings suggest Latinos and African Americans negotiate dominant white idealizations of thin female bodies with their own cultures’ greater acceptance of larger body types.

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