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I thought it might be me, being too soft on it so I continued to work on my gun handling skills.

Well it was not me, sent it back, and that is where it is right now.

A schematic and parts list can be found at Numrich Gun Parts here:

catid=12440There are also instructions and parts lists at the Ithacagun website:

I checked the serial number and the gun is from 1948. It sounds like the problem may be something in the action mechanism rather than a tight chamber or something of that nature.

One quick check you can perform is the following:1) With the gun unloaded, rack the forearm to cock the gun.

I remember me and my brother running in front of them in a field and pheasants’ dropping all around us (my father would be upset).

Now that Iam an adult I have A Ithaca model 37 myself.

I checked the serial number and the gun is from 1948. Jaguarxk120, when the shell gets jammed, I can't open the receiver at all and eject the shell.I'm thinking that the large shaped wire spring that pushes the release lever tip down as the hammer comes forward may have broken or become displaced, making it impossible to cycle the action until the lever gets shaken loose and drops down by gravity or some other means. I haven't ever sent in a gun for repair, and I don't know what Ithaca might charge for something like this, however I'm sure Ithaca has parts available.Of course this will never happen if the gun is held upside down as shown here. I just took my 1938 Model 37 completely apart, and if your 1948 model hasn't been apart before, then it's probably about time it got a good internal cleaning.There should be a small amount of play between them.Pull down the release lever on the front of the trigger guard and the tip of the release lever should drop below the internal slide, allowing you to work the action again.2) With the gun cocked, pull the trigger.

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