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I spent the best part of my weekend composing text messages I was going to send to her during the week; I did this when I started working.

Despite the work stress, I still tried to keep in touch and make her feel happy; well it lasted for a while.

She began to sound more like an acquaintance than a lover; she began using unfriendly expressions whenever I called her on phone.

If she is truthful enough she might tell you there is another guy getting close to her, she might want to make you understand that there is nothing much going on but one day my dear friend, when she needs you to hold on to her, when she needs a shoulder too cry on, when she not only needs to talk to you on phone but to touch you and sink in your arms; and you happen not to be around her, I tell you the closer guy gets all the benefit.

Most times even when there is an understanding, if one of the parties involved is not strong at heart or not supposedly wisened by age then it poses a threat to the relationship.

Sincerely, if you cannot handle it, then do not start it at all.

Though we were friends before we started off, but even at the friendship level we were not very close friends.

I tried to make her understand what she was going into but she believed she could handle it, deep down inside of me I knew I could discipline myself a whole lot to handle this but I was really not convinced about her because she was a teenager who was still full of life and energy; I knew it would get to a point where she would want to explore and enjoy the good things of life with someone who is more closer to her than I was.


Distance relationship is not in any way meant for teenagers; they find it difficult to handle and at the end it turns out to be a waste of time.

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