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And despite the ring that resides on her slender finger. Because he may have marked his territory, but he hasn't staked his claim. However, a little thing like gender won't stop her from being apart of a team 7 mission. for now Por alguma razão Sasuke a tinha pego, a mantinha presa em uma cela. Mas a Haruno já tinha visto e passado por muita coisa para ficar ali de braços cruzados. He has waited for over million years now and day by day he's becoming more frustrated of the fact that there's nothing he can do, but wait. The war is over and Sasuke has paid for his sins, and travelled.

Sakura finds herself in a bind, when she can't partake in a mission that's boys only. The god of Darkness, ruler of the Underworld, tries to find a way to get back what he once lost, but it's not as easy as he thought it would be.

"You have much better things to do than waste your time on me Sakura." Post-War. Sasuke também tinha um desejo, mandar Sakura e o irmão bastardo de ambos para fora da mansão Uchiha. Nele, não há um vencedor ou perdedor, embora o Uchiha creia que sim. Both Sakura and Sasuke are confused about their feelings.

On a mission, Sakura asks Sasuke if he has had sex before. Now they have three days of travel left ahead of them. Mais forte que o desejo deles, era o desejo de um homem com os dias contados e a consciência pesada. Sasu Saku - U/A15 anos se passaram desde a partida de Sasuke. A única coisa que realmente importa é apenas jogar e, principalmente, entender o jogo.o86: Today, as an anniversary surprise, Sakura set up a small scavenger hunt for me. Sakura knows she loves Sasuke but perhaps it's time for her to let go of the hope him loving her for the sake of their friendship. I didn't move at first, shocked to the core at the passionate way he had closed the space between us. He pulled away after a moment, looking me in the eyes. There were so many thoughts rushing around my head and my heart was absolutely thundering in my chest.

Prompts will be all different versions, and ways that sasusaku could grow as a pair and become a couple, as well as striving toward marriage.

Ratings range."Sakura." A voice called out with the pronunciation so peculiar, so familiar and the voice unmistakable.

She'll find it after she finishes the whole thing.' Sasuke stared at him. 'The proposal is supposed to be for Sakura, not you. In his time there he is confronted with the decision of his past and the outcome of his future. Just a story of how I think our precious otp came to be Neither Sakura or Sasuke have been intimately close to each other for much longer than either of them would have liked, and frankly, Sakura can't take the tension anymore - and Sasuke comes home to a sight he'd never seen before. " You know what they say when a boy bullies you that means he likes you. 'She placed both the things on the table before him. Sasuke lowered his gaze to find her finger resting on the book's title. A vigia é ninguém mais, ninguém menos que, Sakura Haruno. As they stand on the precipice of a new life together, both Sakura and Sasuke battle with the anxieties and fears they feel in the face of an unknown future together. Sasuke should never have gotten hurt enough to end up in the Konoha hospital. This time, she is determined to help, even if Death visits sooner than expected. Sasuke once believed he was destined to forever walk the path of loneliness and suffering. Who would've thought that a simple sentence could send the stoic, sole surviving Uchiha reeling. Sakura would happily save her boys and become a sacrificial vessel for Kaguya. I enjoyed writing this :3"You really haven't changed. After all, anger will always be the one thing that triggers his actions."I was told once that we shouldn't cry after heroes," she says, a ghost of a smile present on her face. Oneshot.- Se vocês quiserem chegar até o Naruto, terão de passar por mim. Her best friend might be the one who can save her or will it be too late? "Você é tão romântico quanto um hipopótamo" adicionou Kimiko secamente. Contudo, em pouco tempo, o playboy sexy e rico percebeu que, além da decoração, Sakura também dispunha de outros talentos... Sasuke's memories of Sakura are not based on sight. "Unless you wish otherwise, it'll be like I'm not even there." And when she tells him not to worry, it's the very thing he does. Sakura's kind to him, when she finally stops ignoring him, but not overly so, and Sasuke finds that being in her presence is something of a novelty. Kaka Saku LEMONHighschool is one of the best thing happens to a teenager. because there’s a certain raven haired boy always teases her? Sasu Saku Neji Ten Naru Hina Shika Ino OCOCUma hacker genial, um melhor amigo ajudante de tirar o fôlego, uma garota que parece ter duas personalidades e invade sistemas, o herdeiro que quer preservar a saúde da prima. Everything seems normal after that..except for Sakura. The only way for them to get through things is to do it together...sasusaku...lemons in some chap. But when he was just about to tell Sakura how he feels, he discovers that she has leukemia. From an unexpected meeting starts a tale of two people who were worlds apart who found home in each other's hearts. Everything but the girl that he loves; his best friend Haruno Sakura. After a long time Sasuke comes back still in love with Sakura.

Sakura, unable to know how to reach him, missed him more terribly than she ever had in the past four years he was gone. Aquilo era problema de homem e Haruno Sakura, ou melhor Uchiha Sakura, precisava ficar a parte sobre isso. He's everything a woman would want,except he doesn't care about women at all. Mas é claro que fazer um Uchiha se apaixonar por ela era algo muito mais fácil...não é mesmo? Descubra o que Sakura escreveu no diário a respeito do ano em que se conheceram. Sasuke and Sakura meet and soon after Sakura gets mixed up in Sasuke's mystery. “I will never forgive you.” He took a breath before responding.

Ela iria ficar de fora, afinal era um problema masculino. Haruno Sakura is staying at the Uchihas for the school semester. [RE-EDITING][ON HOLD]A amizade deles havia se tornado "colorida". UA, Sasu Saku, Outros casais * Revisando o texto dos capítulos. " "Hmmm let me get this straight I get your virginity and you get the guy you want? ” he shot back, his voice becoming darker and more menacing. AU Vampire fic Sasusak Depois de anos, Sasuke volta. Sasuke & Sakura//AU//Sasu Saku//CHAPTER 21// 'Of course I can't love you,' he hissed into the dark. [Complete]Sasuke está preso nas trevas e o único que pode tirálo de lá é ele mesmo. Duas mãos surgirão para ajudálo a encontrar a saída.

She didn't mind however, because she'd rather be his prisoner than his loyal subject. She knew that leaving him would break his heart and it hurt her more than anything that it was a necessary decision. Sasuke will reveal the secrets of the sharingan, and allow a study to be done on his eyes.

Se o Uchiha estava achando que ela o obedeceria por antigos sentimentos estava muito enganado. Porque o homem a sua frente não era mais o garoto que amou. Hidden away in a tower and left to rot, without hope or dreams of salvation. Now, he is back and ready to complete a task for the previous Hokage.

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"Sasuke."Sakura had always known that Uchiha Sasuke was far from her reach.

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