Dating sleepover

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"My kinkiest experience was probably with Lacey, that girl I dated a couple semesters ago," he started. "Dude, it's alright, you've told me your kinkiest secret..."Oh yeah, she was that raven-haired girl with the tattoo sleeves, right? I get're a total cockslut," he joked as they laughed at the situation. "Dude I know this is gonna sound weird, but this is still a super hot porn...she's so fucking hot and the guys are in really good shape..whole thing is just really hot," as he said this he reached his hand into his own boxers and finally began to lightly stroke his cock. I've had three different girls give me their backdoor and it's been some of the best sex I've had. It's about fucking time," Jason said as he took his own briefs off.The joints came out around PM and they quickly sank into a pile in front of the couch as they passed the joint back and forth laughing about absolutely nothing.The weed was definitely the strongest strain they had tried and their eyes quickly glazed over as they channel surfed and came up empty." Jason said, " I could literally just talk to you about sex right now for hours and get so turned on by it! "Okay cool, but just in case, let's take another big hit." They each passed the joint back and forth and then settled in as the porn continued to play in the foreground." Jacob look relieved and laughed as he clapped his friend's thigh. "Okay, my turn to ask a question," Jacob said as he turned towards his friend, "what is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?"Promise, no judgments, nothing we say or do leaves this room." Jacob said.

Jacob had arrived at Jason's apartment earlier in the night with a 12 pack of beer and some pre-rolled joints that were sure to release all of the pent up stress of the last quarter.Both boys were just wearing boxer briefs and t-shirts after shucking their jeans much earlier in the evening.As the movie went on they both made hilarious observations about the porn star..about the guys."My ex used to love that position, she'd say the sluttiest thing to me while I fucked her, I loved it." Jacob said, as he noticed his friend playing with his cock in his boxers."Dude, I think there's a small chance that pot might've been laced with something because I am so damn horny right now! "Okay...let's keep talking about this, I'm super turned on too. " "No no man, not weird at all, just friends that are talking about sex, that's not weird," trying to make sense of it as he went.

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"Dude, let's watch some porn, I'm fuckin' horny." Jason said, as he turned the TV over to the internet function.

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