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Birania online dating

Original jurisdiction of the Dis- trust Judge „f Tipjx ra. Original jurisdiction of the, Dis- trict ♦ Judge of Bakarganj. Original jurisdiction of the Dis- trict Judge of Murshidabad. * Original jurisdiction of 4hc Dis- trict Judge of Chittagunj*. • Original jurisdiction of the Dis- trict Judge of Chittagunj .

50 20 Babu Naresh (Chandra Chakraverty Madaripur, Faridpur . 31 Babu Ramesh Chandra Sen Chittagunj (Sadar) 250 Sadar munsifi of Chitta- 32 Babu Subodh Chandra l)atta Dacca (Sadar) 250 gunj. 33 Babu Narendra Nath Sen Gupta Chittagunj (Sadar) 250 Sadar munsifi of Chitta- 34 Babu Suresli Chandra (chakraverty s present term of office. 1 ^ 30 Fatikehari, Chittagunj 250 Fatikehari munsifi. j Phe which, under clause 1 jj^e i Mj-sdwle tp the £.ct; the licensees deposit or secure surti sum as therein Mentioned, and the sum so to be deposited or secured shall, unless otherwise ordered by the Government under the clause, be six month's alter the notification of the grant' of this license and Rs. The boundaries are as follows : — North — Singell Jhora, Singell Tea Estate. Departure — Chaudanta 0-00 Arrival — Ohandpur 18-00 14th . Departure — Chandpur 9-00 Discussions at Chandpur in the morning and Goalundo in the Arrival — Goalundo 17 00 evening. Arrival— Raj sh ah i 10-00 - 17th Departure* — Raj s hah i 0-00 Arrival — Kaliganj 15-00 Departure! — The officers named in the following Schedule are vested with the powers of a Judge of a Court of Small Causes for the trial of suits cognizable by such a Court up to the value *of Rs. Area Of Stipply^-The area above referred to and withyi which the supply of sttergy is authorised by this license (the area of supply under the Act) is the whole of the area in which are included the Dow Hill School, the Victoria School, the Government Forest College, and the municipality of Kur- ieong. Departure — Goalundo 0 00 Arrival — Pabna 18 00 9 # Discussion at Pabna in the Departures — Pabna morning and Kajshahi in the 16th 9-00 evening.

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